Investing in people

To stimulate personal growth, we have developed training and learning programmes throughout the entire organisation. It does not matter if you are at the start of your career or if you have experience, with the help of our trainers, internal training coordinators, e-learning modules and professional challenges, you will be actively working on your personal development. With your talents, skills, interests and ambitions as a starting point, of course.


Bespoke career development

Just like our students who follow the earn and learn programme, the average experienced employee at KMWE is not standing still. Our internal training coordinator is in constant dialogue with individual employees to identify their development needs and to create a bespoke training programme. Will it be a physical training or an e-learning programme? Are we taking care of this in-house or do we hire an external partner? Everything is possible. Craftspeople have ample opportunity to specialise and further their career. So, what do you say? Will you become the next KMWE employee to win the Noordhof Award for best craftsperson, just like Peter van den Molengraaf?


Earn and learn

KMWE offers apprenticeships (guided learning (BBL) programme) in several disciplines, such as machining, mechatronics and sheet metal. In our practice area, which has been specifically designed for those employees that follow the earn and learn programme machining, you can use your own machinery when you are a student, intern or when you follow the guided learning programme (or BBL-programme). KMWE also employs trainers who teaches machining, mechatronics and sheet metal and who supervises students who follow the guided learning programme on those days that they work at KMWE. Read the story of Erwin Verhulst in which he shares his experience of his apprenticeship machining at KMWE. No matter how you start your career at KMWE, we will work together to bring out your qualities. And before you know it, you will be one of the new talents that is competing in the national competition Vakkanjers!

Are you interested in an internship or would you like to do a graduation project at our innovative and dynamic company? Let us know by filling out the interest form.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship at our innovative and dynamic company? Let us know by filling out the interest form.