Training, development and internship

In an ever-changing industry, employees do not stand still. At KMWE, we facilitate and stimulate many forms of learning, both internally and externally. From training sessions and lectures to internships and earn and learn programmes.

Investing in people

We are constantly moving forward in a dynamic sector which makes us the ideal employer for people that want to get ahead. We do not only facilitate growth; we challenge you to keep learning. Our Factory of the Future offers plenty of opportunities to achieve this. Because we are located at Brainport Industries Campus, we are literally situated between technical schools and other innovative companies. We stay current, we are constantly challenged and we are the link between the industry and school.

Internships and graduation projects

Are you an enthusiastic student with a senior secondary vocational education and training (MBO), a higher professional education (HBO) or a research-oriented higher education (WO) and would you like to apply your knowledge in practice? Chances are we have an interesting internship or graduation assignment for you. At KMWE, you will practice your skills in real business cases under the supervision of helpful and experienced experts in their professional field. Challenging work? A decent internship allowance? Check. You would not be the first one to stay after a successful internship!

Earn and Learn Programme

Maybe you are a student at a preparatory vocational secondary education (VMBO) or a senior general secondary education (HAVO) and you have heard about KMWE at a tech event, during a guest lecture or a field trip. Maybe you are a MBO- or an HBO-student and you are thinking of applying for a technical internship, a job or a side job, after graduation or in addition to your studies. No matter how you come to work for us, as a working student you are no exception at all. In fact, future craftspeople are always welcome at KMWE.
We are seen and recognised by multiple organisations as a training company, for instance for students who follow a guided learning programme (BBL). Because we are an active member of Brainport Industries College, a cooperation between companies and local schools, you will find the ideal apprenticeship at KMWE.