Joris de Bruin nominated for the Noordhofprijs 2023

Nominated for the Noordhofprijs 2023

KMWE is very proud to announce that Joris de Bruin is nominated for the craftsmanship award this year, in the category Mechatronics.


Who is Joris de Bruin?

Joris began his career at KMWE in 2017 as a mechanical assembly technician. He is a passionate and highly skilled professional in assembling, adjusting, and independently testing mechanical, and often complex, assemblies including machines, systems and modules.

Joris is a dedicated employee with a wealth of knowledge which he enjoys passing on to new colleagues and young talents.


What is the Noordhofprijs?

The Noordhof award is awarded annually to the best craftsperson in the Brainport region (Southeast Brabant). The Foundation “Bevordering Vakmanschap” has been awarded the Noordhof award to the best craftsperson in construction, metal industry, mechatronics and other fields of expertise in the technical industry since 1986.

More information about the Noordhof Awards can be found at


Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on 7th November at NH Conference Centre Koningshof te Veldhoven.

KMWE would like to congratulate Huub and we wish him all the best during the award ceremony this November.


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Joris de Bruin is genomineerd voor de Noordhofprijs 2023.