Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer

Place Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Discipline Procurement Logistics and Planning, Quality

Graduation level Bachelor (HBO)

Amount of hours 40

Experience Professional, Senior

Date added : 24-08-2021

Job description

As Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer at KMWE you are responsible for the optimal supplier quality within the framework of the Purchase Manager.


Key duties and responsibilities

  • Express, together with others, the quality vision, as established by the PM.
  • Maintain and continually improve the quality system regarding the quality assurance at suppliers.
  • Provide support to SCM in the development and maintenance of the vendor rating system and Qualified Supplier List.
  • Monitor and manage suppliers regarding performances that relate to Quality (Q) and Logistics (L), based on established KPI targets.
  • Assess and evaluate preventative and corrective actions at suppliers.
  • Advise and support staff from within the quality function.
  • Perform specific analyses and assessments on Quality (Q), Logistic (L) and Technical (T).
  • Manage, evaluate and ensure process control at suppliers.
  • Oversee matters that relate to quality from customers to the suppliers and the organisation.
  • Translate QLT-requirements from account teams to suppliers.
  • Formulate a quality plan (Suppliers Quality Planning) and supervise its implementation at suppliers.
  • Ensure the qualification of suppliers by means of system audits, process audits and product audits (ISO 9001, ISO 13485) and periodic assessment of delivery performance.
  • Partly responsible, in consultation with the PM, for the release of suppliers for the delivery of products and processes and the management in the Approved Supplier List.
  • Ensure the product release and release process at suppliers (FAIs, EMPBs).
  • Carry out an incoming goods inspection and formulate an inspection plan for subsequent deliveries.
  • Register non-standard items and communicate this through NCRs, and initiate necessary actions to suppliers, in collaboration with the Account Teams.
  • Identify the need to block suppliers for deliveries or reject for qualification and remove from the Approved Supplier List.


Required knowledge, competences and skills

  • Degree at the level of higher professional education (HBO), preferable in Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics.
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience in a relevant Precision Mechanics / Mechatronics work environment.
  • Experience with and training in static testing techniques and data analysis.
  • Experience with high-end quality systems.
  • Demonstrable personal skills such as persuasiveness, analytical skills, a customer-first approach, pragmatic, leadership competences and good communication skills.
  • Good Dutch, English and German language skills both spoken and in writing.
  • A proactive attitude supported by the ability to convince people, analytical, a customer-first approach and strong communication skills.


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