A matter of perspective

Anne Schoenmakers, Operational Planner

From one message on LinkedIn to a cool graduate internship and a fulltime job? Anne is proof that it is possible. “It felt so good that I decided to accept KMWW’s offer. Chances like these are far and few between. And getting a broad experience is great for my personal development!”


Graduate internship ‘Delivery Reliability’

She instinctively knew after her first interview that KMWE was the company where she could, and wanted, to achieve the objectives for her internship ‘Industrial Engineering and Management.’ “It was a very good interview. They looked at me as a person and I could shape the assignment how I wanted. I had my doubts at other companies, but at KWMW I knew for sure. During my internship, I focused on the delivery reliability and the factors that influence this. I got to know the processes and people in almost all departments which was extremely educational.”


″I did not realise an office job could be so much fun!″


A good feeling and a contract

“I was immediately accepted into the group. ‘Do you want to join us for a walk? How was your weekend?’ My colleagues asked me tons of questions which made me feel at home very soon. Everyone wanted to help me and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were social and engaged. That says something about the atmosphere, I think. When they kept asking what I wanted to do after my internship, it became more and more apparent. I can always go back to school, I am still very young. Currently, the labour market is so uncertain, I might never get this chance. And before I knew it, I had landed a contract.”


A wide range of responsibilities

“In my job, I am responsible for managing the logistics process. Is everything ready to be manufactured? Are there any rejects? Does anything need to delivered sooner or later? I did not realise an office job could be so much fun! Instead of working behind my laptop 40 hours a week, I am walking around to initiate things and to ask questions. Very often, people remind me of the title of my graduation project. Colleagues will say to me: ‘Well, Anne, it’s a matter of perspective…’ It’s funny and true. In practice, I am learning to look at something from different angles.”


″At KMWE, I feel that I am allowed to develop myself.″


Future perspective

“As a graduate of the study programme Industrial Engineering & Management, you have many career choices. Some of my old classmates have a career in the food industry, others work in IT and there are some who are still looking for a job. I am so happy that I accepted a contract when it was offered to me. At KMWE, I feel that I am allowed to develop myself. If want to try something new or else, I just have to say it. Some of my colleagues follow a training or course. I only just graduated, so that is not what I want, but it is nice to see that personal growth is stimulated. And when I give a speech at the Alumni Day at Avans, I will be sure to recommend KMWE to the students!”


Anne Schoenmakers, Operational Planner