Our locations

From our headquarters in Eindhoven and various production locations in the Netherlands and Malaysia, we shape the technology of the future. Every day.

KMWE Headquarters

The headquarters of KMWE is located in Eindhoven at Brainport Industries Campus, the heart of the Dutch high-tech industry. At the campus, we work closely together with other companies, R&D-institutions and universities. Research, training and innovation come together in our Factory of the Future to stimulate the development of Industry 4.0.

KMWE Aerospace

Since 1965, the aerospace industry is serviced from building TX in Eindhoven, which has been under the flag of KMWE since 2014. Since the end of 2023 our aerospace department is situated at Brainport Industries Campus. Some of our experts deploy their professional skills here and design and manufacture engines and frame parts for the military and civil aviation.

KMWE Malaysia

In 2008, we decided to expand our business to Asia to position ourselves in the global market. The fast-growing innovation area surrounding the Malaysian city Penang is perfect for a large production plant where our machining and assembly activities take place.

ATM Oirschot

Since 2019, ATM Oirschot has been part of the KMWE Group. ATM specialises in the high-quality surface treatments of aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. We also have experience in the cleaning and cleanroom packaging of components.


Click here for a look at the Cleaning Room at ATM Oirschot. Or see what it’s like to work as a Technical Specialist at ATM Oirschot.