Our culture and our values

Culture and values are important when you choose an employer. Do you feel at home at KMWE?


Our culture

Our culture is characterised by an infectious activity, short lines of communication and an open atmosphere. KMWE is a modern organisation that has innovation and development high on the agenda. Because we spot and grab opportunities, we grew from a small family business to a global active organisation with almost 600 employees. Nowadays, we combine the personal, trusted feeling of the old days with the structure, experience and professionalism of an established company. And this unique combination suits us perfectly!


Our values

Ambition, improvement, decisiveness, pride and attention. These are our five core values that everyone at KWME professes. You can call it our DNA. These values determine everything we do.


We are forward thinkers. Our vision reaches beyond tomorrow. We are proactive, innovative and enterprising in the pursuit of our goals.


KMWE improves and renews. We improve things, we innovate and we learn. Because boundaries are there to be pushed against.


At KMWE, we get things done. We feel responsible, we do not give up and we deliver results. Good results.


We are proud. Proud of what we do, of what we make and where we work.


KMWE cares. We care for each other, our colleagues and the environment. We give our surroundings the attention it needs.

Our employee association

If you ask our employees why they like working here, they often mention our employee association as ‘typical for our corporate culture’. The majority of our employees is a member of the employee association and many employees take part in its activities.

Payroll can withhold a fixed amount per month for the membership of the employee association.

KMWE has an active group of colleagues who are on the board of the employee association. Every year, the board organises various activities with the aim of promoting the collaborative spirit through an extensive programme with fun-filled activities.