About KMWE

Working at KMWE means working at a progressive, tried-and-true high-tech organisation. Choosing KMWE means choosing growth and a leading position in an open environment which focuses on renewal and improvement.

What are our roots and how did KMWE become the global player that it is today?

What do we do? In which markets do we operate? Where can you find our products?

Where are we located? Which activities take place in which location?

What do your future colleagues think of their job and working at KMWE?

What are our values? What do we find important and how do we interact with each other?

You can find more information about who we are and what we do on ourĀ corporate website.


This short video shows you all the machining techniques that KMWE has to offer. We manufacture your future!

What is technology? What uses technology? What does KMWE do with technology? Peek behind the curtains.