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Start your career at KMWE, where automation and human competencies complement each other flawlessly in the development of components, modules and systems.

At KMWE we facilitate and stimulate many forms of learning. From training sessions and lectures to internships and earn and learn programmes. Do you work towards your future as well?

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Regardless if you are starting your career or if you are experienced, we are always looking for technical and non-technical craftspeople.
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We offer complete solutions for the engineering and assembly of high-end modules and systems and the production of complex components. Would you like to know more?

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Regardless if you are starting your career of if you are experienced or if have a secondary or higher vocational education, or a theoretical or practical background, we are always looking for technical craftspeople. We also often have job openings for non-technical workers. Looking for a new job?

News and events

23 May 2023

RenĂ© Raaijmakers (chief editor of High-Tech Systems magazine) talks to Huub van de Water, CAM engineer at KMWE and winner of the Noordhofprijs 2022, about the gap between design (engineering) and production. Just because someone designs something on their CAD station doesn’t mean it can be made.

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28 Apr 2023

One of the hotspots of the High Tech Ontdekkingsroute is the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. During this day, you will get the opportunity to take a peek inside our factory.

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14 Mar 2023

On 9th March, KMWE organized a tech event. During these event, students got the opportunity to visit KMWE at the Brainport Industries Campus. Watch our after movie!

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