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Regardless if you are starting your career or if you are experienced, we are always looking for technical and non-technical craftspeople.
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We offer complete solutions for the engineering and assembly of high-end modules and systems and the production of complex components. Would you like to know more?

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Regardless if you are starting your career of if you are experienced or if have a secondary or higher vocational education, or a theoretical or practical background, we are always looking for technical craftspeople. We also often have job openings for non-technical workers. Looking for a new job?

News and events

13 Oct 2023

Linda Bak (author by Innovation Origins) talks to KMWE and BIC about the automation and robotization. These are making production processes in factories faster and more efficient. People seem redundant, but appearances are deceptive.

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22 Sep 2023

Joris de Bruin is nominated for the Noordhofprijs 2023, in the category Mechatronics. The award ceremony will take place on 7th November at NH Conference Centre Koningshof te Veldhoven.

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29 Aug 2023

This year KMWE will once again be at the start of the Eindhoven Marathon with a team. We wish the participants the best of luck.

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